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Welcome to Rodi Daycare Center

Let's Grow Together!


At Rodi Daycare, we believe that young children (2-5 years old) thrive with the love and support of nurturing, experienced educators who understand them as individuals. First and foremost, your child will be physically and emotionally safe with us. We regard our students as little people who have their own unique needs and individual learning styles. It has been proven by research that the first five years of human's lives are the most instrumental in shaping personalities, confidence levels, and academic success in the future. Early Childhood is a magical time when knowledge is absorbed more quickly than at any other time in life. It is a sensitive and impressionable phase as well, when children learn self-love and empathy. At Rodi Daycare, our staff understands this and takes our important role in your childrens' lives very seriously. 

Your child's time here will be filled with a balance of creative, social, and academic activities that will prepare them for kindergarten and the remainder of their academic careers. Learning through play will be an integral part of the curriculum. Young children learn best when they are so engaged in an activity that they don't even realize how much they are actually learning! Our program maintains a heavy focus on exploration, music, and visual arts.

A note from the executive director

My name is Rodica Chiacu. As the owner/operator of Rodi Daycare Center, I would like to share a few personal things about myself with you. I'm happily married for 32 years and a resident of Riverdale for 24 years. I have raised both of my daughters in this wonderful community and I understand what it is like to be a working parent. My oldest daughter graduated from Fordham University with a bachelors degree in communications and now works for a fabric textile company in Manhattan. My youngest daughter attends Fieldston High School with aspirations of pursuing a career as a pharmacist. It has been a dream of mine to open my own daycare center and with the help of my husband, Sotir, I have finally fulfilled this dream, and I couldn’t be happier! My vision for Rodi Daycare Center is not just to provide quality service, but to provide peace of mind for you, the parents. I designed the facility with one thing in mind. Safety, safety, saftey. From well placed video cameras to cover every angle of the facility, to padded flooring to prevent injuries, and last but certainly not least, our highly experienced staff, our facility was designed to provide the safest possible environment for your children. 

Entrusting someone with your children is a big decision and I take that trust very seriously. My father always used to say, "the happiest people in the world are those who love what they do for a living.” He was right. Working with children is what I love to do and I consider it a calling. Watching children grow and helping guide them into their futures is what inspires me. I feel honored when I enroll a child into my center. This is more than just a business for me; it is my passion and I love every minute of it. Thank you for your time!

Contact us at 312-431-1234